WordPress Minimalist Themes With Tons of White Space

Well, here we go again, another day, another collection of free minimalist wordpress themes.   It’s no shame in buying a theme, but these are of a quality where I can’t justify spending the extra money that I could apply to a new fishing rod or something like that.  Minimalist themes work for nearly any purpose, so I’d prefer to have something with a nice spare looking design, nothing too fancy for themepop.

I used to be into videoghraphy, I might get into it again.  All I have is a sweet Adnroid and an old v2000 camera though.  While it was a 3 chip camera, I’m not sure it’s really up to professional standards now.  Too bad I can’t afford a ‘red one’ or whatever, but those things are expensive.  Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.

Jewelry Store WordPress Themes

No matter your taste, you’ll have the ability to personalize your website, forming it into something which fits your eyesight. This theme wasn’t made just for programmers and web developers. Bazien is satisfied for portfolio, web log, and online retailer web pages.

This theme eases the introduction of a top quality shop that is online, thanks to the enactment of WooCommerce. Customers will soon have the ability to browse your things, no matter their favorite platforms. Really, Bazien websites can look amazing on apparatus and each browser, given that it’s totally removed resizing problems.

The product lets you save cash without charging you extra by including superior characteristics. The Visual Composer plugin is satisfied for drag and frontend, backend and drop page building. It’s lots of font variants, and a limitless amount of color customization choices.

eCommerce Jewelry Shop Themes


Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi is an incredibly aesthetically appealing and cutting edge, modern and impressively visually beautiful, fashionable and stylish, flatly designed and friendly, seamless and technologically adaptable while graphically rounded and polished, neatly organized and exceptionally totally responsive WordPress theory, multipurpose theme that is incredibly mobile. Divi is a professionally developed and designed WordPress theme specially assembled and outfitted with all the purpose of creating an infinitely pliable and impressively nimble web site construction toolkit effective at handling the wants as well as prerequisites of webmasters far and wide across a wide range of markets and areas of interest, with unparalleled simplicity of use and smoothness of user interface together with deep functionality and layout abilities.

The strong visual Divi  theme page Builder manages webmasters experienced and cub equally a world’s worth of power station components and shortcodes, elegantly deployed through reachable and quickly customizable block-based content modules, with over 40 unique, custom developed modules to select from and stack or scale as you want. Divi’s design that is flat that is excellent permeates layout every page and template in this theme that is lovely, as well as your crowd will find themselves right at home on your own site owing to its design philosophy that is universally recognizable and potently instinctive. Divi now, attempt, and feel the difference of a fresh, design that is level!

A collection of spectacular WordPress Video Themes

Think about every one of the sites you see on a daily basis.  Go on, think.  Think harder.  Are you having difficulties?  Seriously, what’s wrong?  Are you okay?  Oh, whew.  Anyways, which will be the websites or web content that you remember most vividly? There’s a great chance you recall the posts which contain media elements, like videos.   Videos are an amazing way to really get the attention of a reader.  Viewer, actually.  Actually, video is an excellent strategy to get customers remember your organization, because it engages visitors, and the perceptions connect, and generally gets across a message inside a few moments or perhaps seconds. And one method to bring videos more readily for your visitors is via the usage of WordPress video themes.

For another collection, we recommend this video WordPress theme collection by ThemeIt.  Exit, stage left even.


A theme that allows you to turn your blog into a functional photo gallery, Deep Focus is perfect for photographers. It is sleek, modern, and easy on the eyes—your readers would get to see a photo gallery of your work, and by clicking on those images, they would get to read and learn more about what you’re doing, and what you can offer. With this theme, you can choose from 5 different color schemes—so you can be sure that you’d find out that would best suit your taste, and would enhance the quality of your blog!

What’s great is that Deep Focus has amazing browser compatibility, which means that you’d be able to reach more people in just a short amount of time. It also makes use of complete localization so your content could be translated depending on where your readers are, ensuring you’d have more followers, and that they’d see that you actually care for them. With the help of shortcodes, a bevy of page templates and layouts, and a highly responsive design, it would be easy for you to showcase your talents in your blog. It’s always important to make sure that photos get to convey what you’re trying to say—and with the help of Deep Focus, you’d surely be able to achieve that, and more!