Porto Novo

Clean, simple and elegant, that pretty much sums up Porto Novo, a great theme for stationary stores and web to print services.  That’s a little something different. You know what else is different? The $90 price tag!  Wowza!  We’ll see if it’s worth it, but that’s a hefty amount to fork over for a pretty standard WooCommerce theme.

So, Orion Origin is the theme developer that created the Porto Novo theme.  If you’ve never heard of them, you’re not alone.  This is only their second theme so far, with another called Grand Popo, which has been downloaded about a hundred times so far.  So, newbies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing.  Anyway, this is what they say about their own theme.

Porto-Novo is a clean, modern, responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme built for any web to print WooCommerce store. Including an award winning product customizer plugin for WooCommerce, it allows your clients to design any customizable product online such as their ideal logo, business cards, greeting cards, shirts, decals, prints, stickers, mugs, photo frames, calendars and any item which can be personalized online preceeding purchase.

This is the general preview image for Porto Novo, if you look carefully, you can get a pretty decent idea of what this theme can do.  It’s really full featured.

Big, bold, sort of metro inspired, that’s what the general layout of Porto Novo is like.  Here’s a look at that section in detail.

demos.designersuiteforwp.com-Home - WPD(1)

Wanna see the admin demo?  Sure, why not!

designersuiteforwp.com-Woocommerce Product Designer ‹ WPD — WordPress

Looks very clean, very clear and easy to use.  Super straightforward.  Hopefully it really is!

Porto Novo includes several built in pages, designed and developed for a beautiful, hand crafted feel to all of your pages and posts.  That really helps bring your store to life.  This is maybe the first theme to bring a true, fully functioning web to print product designer to the table, letting you customize shorts, cups andmugs, business cards and more.  Sort of your own VistaPrint or Zazzle clone website using the WordPress content management system.


Built for speed, demo data import, a coming soon demo and more, Porto Novo is a great looking theme and I bet it does well in this very specific niche.

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