Chromatic, Simple WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme ThemePop Review

So, we’re back to take another look at Chromatic, from Graph Paper Press.  This theme is ultra simple.  Honestly, it’s going to be too simple, to sparse for some people, but if all you want is to show your images with very little extra to get in the way, this theme does the job w…

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Sider, Full Featured WooCommerce Portfolio with Blog ThemePop Review

Well, it’s been around 16 months since I first reviewed this them, called Sider, so I’ll have another look at it to see if anything has changed.  Well, no, not really to be honest.

Sider is a wonderfully well designed, gorgeous looking WordPress portfolio theme, brought to you by …

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Full Frame, Widescreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme ThemePop Review

Full Frame is a WordPress theme that really takes advantage of the full width of your reader’s browser, allowing your images to take center stage, capturing the attention of your potential clients and readers. Full Frame showcases big images, big galleries and even videos with ease. That…

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Sell Photos, eCommerce WordPress Stock Photography Theme ThemePop Review

Sell Photos is a theme that’s all about it’s name. Sell Photos was specially crafted to help you market, promote and showcase your photography in a bold, simple, clean and crystal clear website. Sell Photos is about more than it’s design though, it’s about enabling you to build a photography…

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Cooperative, Photography WordPress Theme by Graph Paper Press ThemePop Review

Simple, minimalist design with WooCommerce functionality, simple clear navigation and a well designed theme, all make Cooperative a wonderful way for you to grow an online photography business. Cooperative makes it easy to show off your work, since the minimal and modern design will never…

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StoryTeller, Writer’s WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme ThemePop Review

StoryTeller is here, and it’s ready to tell a story of a beautiful blog, portfolio or business venture with enough flexibility and dynamic features to wow any audience.  It’s a real rags to riches story. And with a name like Storyteller, is it any wonder this is a great theme for …

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Uno, Simple, Clean Genesis Framework Blogging Theme


This theme is Uno, from GraphPaper Press and it’s a great solution for those who have been searching for a simple, flawlessly crafted minimalist theme that can do everything, from acting as a blog and as a portfolio at the same time.  I love the crystal clear design and layout, the …

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If you’re on the hunt for a simple, well crafted and elegant WordPress solution to help show-off your design work, artistry or photography in a completely professional and modern, clean and daring style, Immense could be the exact WordPress theme you have been looking for.  Immense doesn’t let …

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Emporia, Simple, Clean, Minimalist Blog Theme for WordPress

Emporia is a deceptively simple looking WordPress blogging theme, offering up a polished, well designed, modern and highly crafted style.   It was designed and built especially for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase and highlight their artwork with as few distractions …

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