Expo ThemePop Review

Expo is a minimalist, horizontal scrolling WordPress theme for creative individuals who want a splash page style layout and the skill to highlight their content in style, no matter what type of site content they must offer.  Expo uses the entire width of the page to showcase your images, …

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Uno, Simple, Clean Genesis Framework Blogging Theme


This theme is Uno, from GraphPaper Press and it’s a great solution for those who have been searching for a simple, flawlessly crafted minimalist theme that can do everything, from acting as a blog and as a portfolio at the same time.  I love the crystal clear design and layout, the …

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If you’re on the hunt for a simple, well crafted and elegant WordPress solution to help show-off your design work, artistry or photography in a completely professional and modern, clean and daring style, Immense could be the exact WordPress theme you have been looking for.  Immense doesn’t let …

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Emporia, Simple, Clean, Minimalist Blog Theme for WordPress

Emporia is a deceptively simple looking WordPress blogging theme, offering up a polished, well designed, modern and highly crafted style.   It was designed and built especially for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase and highlight their artwork with as few distractions …

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StoryTeller, Writer’s WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

StoryTeller is here, and it’s ready to tell a story of a beautiful blog, portfolio or business venture with enough flexibility and dynamic features to wow any audience.  It’s a real rags to riches story. And with a name like Storyteller, is it any wonder this is a great theme for …

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Awesome, Clear and Highly Navigable Photo Portfolio Theme

Simply styled, clear in navigation, powerful and flexible, but simple and subtle, that’s what GraphPaper Press had in mind when they created Awesome, a minimal portfolio and slideshow theme for WordPress. GraphPaper Press is sort of known for their minimalist designs, ones that make the…

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Full Frame, Widescreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

Full Frame is a WordPress theme that really takes advantage of the full width of your reader’s browser, allowing your images to take center stage, capturing the attention of your potential clients and readers. Full Frame showcases big images, big galleries and even videos with ease. That…

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Instamate, Gorgeous, Fast Loading WordPress Blog Theme

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Instamate a beautiful portfolio theme

Graph Paper Press has created another big winner.

This theme, Instamate, is a highly flexible portfolio theme that offers unique functions like Instagram support, live customization previews so you can see typography and color choices in real time, without having to commit to saving those changes before you’re ready. Instamate promises to help you build a well designed, attractive and simple blog or portfolio that will have your readers engaged and attentive from the very beginning of their time on your website.

Instamate is a flexible portfolio theme for WordPress with optional Instagram integration support. Instamate offers live theme customization previews so you can change colors, fonts, logos, header images, image orientation, switch between a left or right sidebar, and add custom CSS and preview those changes instantly before saving.

Instamate is perfectly responsive, meaning it looks great on any device.  Why is that important?  Well, responsive designs give a better user experience than a fixed-width site, so more of your readers can access your site from devices like smart phones or iPads.  That flexibility is a key for Google’s ranking algorithm too, so you may see some SERP increases if you switch to a responsive design from a standard website.  Instamate has a live theme customizer, allowing you to change the background color, use a custom header-image and choose from one of hundreds of Google fonts to switch up the typography.  There are options for horizontal, vertical or square thumbnails, which is a pretty cool feature.  You can even integrate Instagram to help promote your photography there.  GraphPaper Press has created a real winner in this theme and it’s easy to see why it’s one of their best sellers.

[symple_button url=”http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=757235&b=807805&m=62886&afftrack=&urllink=graphpaperpress%2Ecom%2Fthemes%2Finstamate%2F” color=”green” size=”large” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Demo/Purchase[/symple_button] [symple_button url=”http://www.bluehost.com/track/evowpthemes/” color=”blue” size=”large” border_radius=”3px” target=”self” rel=”nofollow” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Get Hosting[/symple_button]

WideScreen, Fullscreen Photography and Video Portfolio Theme


If you need a website design that does not completely overshadow your pictures, images, artwork, video clips or other posts, then you want a theme like Widescreen that allows your content to shine through, never taking a backseat to the site design.

This really is one of the simplest, most straightforward portfolio themes out there.  Brought to you by Graph Paper Press, Widescreen is easy to use, easy to customize and it’s attractive to look at.  Maybe not the most feature filled theme, it loads fast and the code isn’t bloated at all.

Widescreen, with it is simple and eye-catching feature posts, can really elevate your website to previously unknown levels too, which is always nice.  Widescreen just gets the job done.

Without making itself the center of attention, Widescreen does everything in it is power to ensure your content is the thing people notice because the carefully crafted layout does everything right, without the extra details that some themes have.  Instead, it is your website’s content which is the thing people take notice of.  When you have big, impactful images to show, you don’t want to mess around with overshadowing that content, you want it to shine.  You want people to really take notice.

That happens with Widescreen.

demo.graphpaperpress.com-Blog – Widescreen(1)

Create webpage templates, add a few widgets like text blocks, subscription forms, pictures and more.   Widescreen is amazingly simple to customize, since every stylistic choice can be made in the Theme Customizer, which is completely integrated into the site.  Want to use a different language than the default English?  Well, you can always translate it into any language you want, which is handy if you’re not catering to an English speaking audience.  You can even add background pictures and custom headers to make the site really look unique.  That makes it straightforward to deliver a web site that feels, looks and acts just like you need it to.

Widescreen is a photography theme for WordPress that features multiple homepage layouts, including a fullscreen slideshow, a homepage video and featured posts.  Ditch your old Flash website for improved SEO results and mobile compatibility.

Now, on to the links.

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