Blanco, Clean and Minimalist Resumé Theme for WordPress ThemePop Review

Funny, you don’t look like Walter White.

Here’s a look at the skills and experience chart-a-gram.  What would you call that?  An infographic, I suppose, but it’s sort of not at the same time?

And the portfolio is full featured as well, looks great on all devices, all of that.  P…

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Tabor, Stripped Down, Fast Loading, Mininalist Blog Theme ThemePop Review

This is Tabor, an ultra simple, fast loading, classically minimalist WordPress blog theme from ThemeBeans. First glance shows you this is a theme that isn’t interested in a bunch of extra junk on the page, it’s about as stripped down as you can get.  It supports a lot of plugins and addons that …

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Milo, Minimalist Portfolio, Personal Blog and eCommerce Theme ThemePop Review

This is Milo, a simple minimalist WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios, it’s a professional grade theme with clean code, a beautiful left hand menu and great typography.  I think you’ll find it has enough features to keep you happily blogging for years, since the code is crystal clear, …

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Penelope, Simple Minimalist Blog and WooCommerce Template ThemePop Review

When I was a kid, I had no clue how to pronounce the name Penelope.  I’d say PEN-uh-lope.  What was I thinking though?  I have no idea, it just didn’t dawn on my how you actually said the name.  I was sheltered.  Maybe dumb too. Whatever, I know how to pronounce it now.  pen-UH-lope.  Right?…

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Nouveau, Minimalist WordPress Theme with Parallax ThemePop Review

Most modern companies, if they’ve got a level of taste,  are going to truly appreciate the flexibility and elegant sophistication or the minimal, modern, sleek and stylized Nouveau WordPress theme, which is one of the best designed simple theme we’ve seen in quite some time.  What makes it so g…

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Carmen, Simple and Clean Creative Portfolio for Freelancers ThemePop Review

Carmen is a simple, creative theme for WordPress, putting good use to all the white space available to it.  Carmen could be a wonderful theme for designers, freelancer creatives and even those just looking for a job.  A great first impression is unbelievably important and Carmen can help m…

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Slush Pro, Minimalist WooCommerce Blog Theme for the Genesis Framework ThemePop Review

This is Slush Pro.  What kind of name is that?  Well, I have no idea, but Slush Pro is a nicely styled, minimalist WordPress blog theme that could be useful for somebody looking for a feature filled, minimalist blog theme with several style variants, layouts, columns and other features.  Slush …

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