Bakery, Gorgeous and Popular WordPress Theme for Bakeries ThemePop Review

Bakery has been’s best selling food and recipe theme for much of 2015 and it’s easy to see why.  The WooCommerce ready design is fantastic, ideal for bakeries, cake shops and every sort of food related site, from catering to a brunch restaurant.  WooCommerce allows for a smoot…

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Fine Food ThemePop Review

I love a theme that clearly knows what it’s about and that’s Fine Food here.  It’s not subtle about what niche it’s in, it doesn’t try to be too many things to too many people, Fine Food is about restaurants and coffee shops.  Specifically, nice restaurants and coffee shops.  If you’re lo…

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Coffee Shop ThemePop Review

This is Coffee Shop, an aptly named theme for any webmaster looking for a great theme for a tea shop, coffee house, diner, restaurant or other food related business.

Elite author from Theme Forest, Dany Duchaine, says this about his Coffee Shop WordPress theme.
Coffee Shop is a premium…

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Tesla Themes ThemePop Review

Welcome to our wrap up of each and every one of the Tesla Themes.  Tesla is one of the best theme makers around and their high quality themes might be just what you’ve been looking for.  With a wide variety of templates, they’ve got everything covered from eCommerce to blogs, portfolios to r…

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WordPress Restaurant Themes, Food Service, Bars, Cafés, Food Menus and Caterers ThemePop Review

A lot of restaurants have terrible websites.  There, I said it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  This day and age, you don’t need to have a boring, static website with a menu on a PDF file.  (Seriously, that’s the absolute worst!)

With one of these outstanding WordPress restaurant th…

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Dine & Drink ThemePop Review

Not just for Dungeous and Dragons anymore, the letters D&D have a new meaning now.  This D&D is a food related theme that’s also amazing for coffee shops and bakeries.  Not to be confused with the M&M in Butte, Montana.  That’s another great place you can get coffee.    But enoug…

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Sukar, Full Featured MultiDemo Restaurant Theme ThemePop Review

Billed as a restaurant theme, Sukar does more than just highlight delicious food items, it’s a premium quality restaurant theme that can help make your business a massive success.  With over 20 different unique demo layouts, you’ll quickly realize how much flexibility there is in this …

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Artica, Full Service WordPress Restaurant Theme ThemePop Review

Artica is a WordPress restaurant theme and when I think of restaurants and I hear the name of this theme, I think of Arctic Circle for some reason.  For those who don’t know, it’s a burger chain that used to be really popular in the western half of the United States.  I haven’t had Arctic Circle …

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Sweet Cake ThemePop Review

This is Sweet Cake, from a developer named Nic Dark.  They’ve made a really big hit with Sweet Cake and it’s closing in on 2800 sales over it’s career.  I’ve seen this theme used to craft an incredible coffee shop site, a beautiful cake or bake shop and even a regular brick and mortar r…

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High Grove ThemePop Review

This is High Grove Restaurant, from Lively Green, with just about 1000 downloads so far and a somewhat low rating of 3.72 stars, it’s a mixed bag for crafting a winning restaurant website.  But that’s okay, a high rating isn’t everything, but it does help.  Let’s have a look at the i…

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