Savoy, Mid Century Modern WooCommerce Theme ThemePop Review


NordicMade presents, Savoy.  For online shops who demand a modern, maybe even mid century modern styled website, Savoy has a lot going for it.  This theme is simple, placing the focus on your products.  Whether you’re selling tangible products with WooCommerce or digitally do…

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Time Lines ThemePop Review

I’ve chosen to review this them, which is called Time Lines.  It’s a great looking theme for folks who want a timeline template for WordPress.  What do you get with this theme?  Well, Time Line is an eCommerce theme, using the WooCommerce plugin to achieve a nice looking web store.   Any kin…

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Bateaux, Full Featured Blog, WooCommerce Shop and Portfolio ThemePop Review

What is it about Bateaux that makes it so special?  Is it the thoughtful design, the powerful tool integration, the ease of use for both front and back-end users or the amazing support offered by the theme’s designers?  We think maybe it’s all of the above?

WordPress artistic themes for c…

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Sider, Full Featured WooCommerce Portfolio with Blog ThemePop Review

Well, it’s been around 16 months since I first reviewed this them, called Sider, so I’ll have another look at it to see if anything has changed.  Well, no, not really to be honest.

Sider is a wonderfully well designed, gorgeous looking WordPress portfolio theme, brought to you by …

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Gonjjo, Minimalist WooCommerce Blog Theme ThemePop Review

Welcome to the world of words that are almost one of the many slang terms for marijuana.  This theme, it’s called Gonjjo and it’s an attractive, simple and minimalist WooCommerce theme that a lot of people are starting to really rave about.  So, it’s not just about WooCommerce, Gonjjo is r…

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Vayne ThemePop Review

This is Vayne, a prime quality WordPress theme with a clean, creative style that’s perfect for fashion stores, perfume shops and other high end eCommerce sites.  Why go with an expensive shopping cart plugin when you could choose the free WooCommerce solution?  I have no idea.

Clean, well …

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Hugo, Fashion Store eCommerce WordPress Theme ThemePop Review

CSS Igniter presents Hugo, a WooCommerce powered WordPress theme that will help transform your site into a ball of fire with lovely, clear-cut design, well layed out pages for cart, product and checkout pages and more.  This is a toolbox of professional level WooCommerce tools, created all …

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PostLine ThemePop Review

This theme is called Postline, it’s by one of my favorite theme authors, Themify.  They’ve really hit this one out of the ballpark, to be honest, and I know you’re going to love this theme.  Let’s have a look at what Themify has to say about Postline.
Inspired by Facebook’s Timeline, P…

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